February 20, 2010

Wife of gospel televangelist Benny Hinn files for divorce

My, goodness! Just when you thought Christianity could once again be your rock and pillar in the fight to keep marriage sacred, another Christian fat cat prepares for a divorce (and so soon after Valentine's Day!) But don't forget to donate to Mr. Hinn's ministries: He'll need all the money he can get once those pre-nuptuals kick in!

Now, let's talk seriously for a minute folks, shall we? Doesn't this story give you the itch to scratch your head and say, "Is he just another one of America's Republican Christian brethren who thinks gay marriage is a sin but homosexual sex is FABULOUS!? Or did his marriage fail to fork over the $10 tithing offering required to keep the love up-and-running?"

Whichever answer you're left grappling with, it remains ironic that these same religious bigots are the same ones condemning gay marriage on the basis that by allowing gays to wed in holy matrimonial bliss, it will tarnish the sanctity of marriage.

I suppose a familiar statistic still holds true: 4 out of 5 Baptist divorcees agree: Gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage!